How is a "portfolio" defined and how does it interact/fall within the hierarchy of Asana?

I am testing out Asana for my organization. I learned about the hierarchy of Asana (Org>Team>Project>Task) but CANNOT find ANYTHING regarding the Portfolios and where they fall within the hierarchy. I discovered that I can create portfolios within portfolios within portfolios etc. and that I can add projects to numerous portfolios, but cannot add teams to portfolios? This is what I need help understanding, what portfolios are and the boundaries and interactions within the hierarchy and other portfolios.

Welcome, @Randy_Deinlein,

You have it basically correct.

A portfolio is a collection of projects or other portfolios.

I see it as not formally part of the hierarchy which is a physical/container model. Instead, you can break those bounds a bit.

It looks like this:


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I think we should be able to add portfolios within teams so we don’t have to manually add members and it shows clearly in peoples folder structure… that is just me though.