How do you nest a category?

I just upgrade from the free tier, but I can’t figure out how to nest a category.

What are you calling a category?

I guess I mean Section

For instance, I want to create two main “master” sections, then put all the other sections inside them: 1) Shared, 2) Private. The Shared section would be shared with the clients (guests), and the Private section would include all internal information, such as billing strategy and administrative information


A couple points that might help provide some clarity for you:

  1. You aren’t able to nest Sections the way in which you might be thinking. Sections exist at the Project level so you can group all of the parent tasks. You can create Sections within the Subtasks of your Parent Tasks but these are unique to each Subtask - See the image below.
  2. You can share the Tasks within the Shared section with clients (guests) by adding them as collaborators of each, but they won’t be able to see the section these tasks belong to UNLESS they are a member of the Project.
  3. However, if the guests are members of the Project they will also be able to see all the tasks within the Private section so that might not be ideal.
  4. If the structure of the Sections is for your purposes alone then the setup in point #2 might work, but I would suggest instead having a Shared Project and a Private Project. This way you can have all the sub-sections you want within each and add those that need to see the information to each Project.

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