How do you contact customer service? Is there a phone number?


Hi, I wrote about my membership I can’t afford this, I just lost my job and my rent is due. I’m sorry. I just got let go of my job. I have no purpose for this product at this stage and I can’t afford it.
My attempts at terminating the trial failed when I reset the iPad back to factory settings to return to

This is not right. My bank told me to call you directing because the transaction is still pending. This is my rent money. I hope you can understand, sorry I’m panicking a bit due to the fact that my rent is due on Wednesday.

There is not a phone number, alas.

Summoning the moderators (though probably not till Monday)…
@Marie @Emily_Roman

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Thank u so much. To say im confused is an understatement

Understood. There is a way to contact support online - you should probably do that if you haven’t yet - but I’m hoping the moderators can expedite things on Monday.

To file a support case if you haven’t yet, follow these steps:

Go to
Select “I’m having trouble with”.
Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “Let’s talk”.

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of course I havent done it> You are a gem. im seriously confused

I just followed these steps and managed to Lets talk them. I think see it from a bigger screen than my phone helped as well.

The “trick” is to not push it, because I believe every reminder you send will push your request back to the list again :sweat_smile: coming to the forum does work however.

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Hi @nia.cohen :wave:

I saw your comment earlier on another thread and I’ve liaised with our support team, sorry for the late follow up here! Our team confirmed they have followed up with you via email. I hope the issue is now solved!

Thanks @Phil_Seeman and @Bastien_Siebman :star2:

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Thank you guys for your help! Every single one of you that’s helped direct me in the rig direction @phil_seeman and @sebastien_siebman but also a huge Thx to Emily Roman for jumping on this quick and loading with appropriate departments.


Team work! Wohoo :partying_face: I’m glad the issue is now solved @nia.cohen. Let us know if you have other questions in the future. We’ll be happy to help!

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