How do I see exactly what limited access member has access to?



Although the structure and hierarchy of things is still confusing, I’ve managed to add a limited access member (who is a contractor) and added them to one project in my workspace.

But due to all the various settings and naming of things, and that as far as I can tell anyone who is invited to this work space has access to all projects in it(?), I want to make sure that this limited access member can only see and interact with the projects I add them to. Is there a way to verify this or a way to click on this member’s profile and see a list of everything they can see?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @Jay8! As long as these members are listed as “Limited Access Members” ( in your Workspace, you can be sure they only have access to projects or tasks they have been added to.

That said, it is not possible to see in the wink of an eye, everything a specific user has access to; this can only be done one a project to project basis. So you would have to look at all you projects and see where this user has been added to. Looking at this assigned tasks through their “My Tasks” might also give you some precious information. And if you’d like to have a quicker access to this info for Limited Access Members, I would highly encourage you to post a feature request in the #productfeedback category!