How do I restore my deactivated account?

I was using a test account to learn about Asana while setting up my original account. Today, I decided to remove the test account since I have completed all the necessary testing. However, before deactivating the account, I mistakenly deactivated my original account instead. As a result, all my settings, projects, and data have been lost.

I am extremely frustrated with this situation, especially because it took me more than a month to set up everything. Is there any way to revert these changes? I would greatly appreciate your help.

Unfortunately, the current situation has made me hesitant to upgrade to the paid version at this time.

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Hi @Jiyong_Park , it is possible that your data may still be available to be restored.
The best way is to contact the Asana support team:

But be patient and don’t resend your request more than once; they may take a bit longer to respond to trial/free accounts.

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That’s reassuring to hear. I experienced the issue only 30 minutes ago, but I’m hopeful that it can be resolved as you said. Following your advice, I have just sent an email. Thank you for your help.

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