How do I make the name of new employee clear in hidden onboarding projects for external people?

Hi all, I have to republish this task unfortunately as the solution proposed didn’t work for us.

I have a little question regarding Asana and I was wondering if you could possibly help me with it!

HR & SMT have Asana projects to manage and track the progress of onboarding new employees.

As these projects contain sensitive information, I do not have access to them.

However, the IT side of onboarding involves me, and I am added to these specific tasks.

I can see these tasks in my inbox, however as I am not a part of the Asana project(s), I’m unable to see the title of the projects themselves.

It is only the title of the project which contains the name of the new starter.

As we have multiple people onboarding, it can get pretty confusing trying to figure out which task relates to which new starter! But I also understand that it’s a little time consuming for HR & SMT to go through every task and add a comment or description with the person’s name.

Is there a simple way for HR & SMT to quickly insert a name or tag all these tasks with a name? Or is there another method I can use to identify which new starter all these tasks relate to?

My solutions were originally:

  1. to include one extra step for onboarding project creation: to highlight all tasks and put a name of the person in the text custom field. I’ve just tried it and you can highlight all tasks and put the name in easily for all of them in one go. This didn’t work as you can’t see tags and custom fields if the project is private and you’re not a member. I wonder, will the custom field be visible if it’s public for everyone and the external person adds it to their own project?
  2. In the onboarding template, for the tasks that need external work, include “Name of Employee” in the task name or in the description so that people will remember to input it. It’s a bit more manual, but will do for now I guess.

Any other thoughts? Am I missing something easier/more intuitive? I’m just thinking that it’s such an obviously needed feature, there is no way Asana doesn’t have a solution.


You should be able to see the custom field if this is a public custom field. The template should include that public field from the start.

I believe your solution is the best one → adding something like “EMPLOYEE_NAME_HERE” in task names or inside custom fields is the only workaround I know…


Hey Bastien,
Thanks so much for your reply.
You’re right, if the field is public, it’s visible for everyone! I’m so glad it’s solved. Do you know if the same works for people external to the organisation?

I am quite sure it does, a guest would also see public fields. It might be worth running a little test though.

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