How do i invite a person into a project that is external to my organisation.

How do I invite a person that is external to my organisation to work on a project.

I don’t want them in the team, just in a specific project within a team.

Hi @Andrew_Bowers

Go to Project.
Click on Share on the top of the page. In the window enter the email address of the user you want to add to the project as shown below.

Do not select first checkbox at the bottom of this window. This way the user will be added to the project but not to the Team or other projects.

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Great point! :raised_hands: Thank you, @Vaibhav_Khatri!

Hi Emily,

Would this external user still be able to “@” and see a list of projects in the team? For example if they went to the project field to “add another project”?
Thx M

@Morgan If the external person is added to the team, then he/she will be able to view all the public projects with-in the team. If a project is private, they can’t see it.
I never add an external person to the Team. I add them to the ‘Project’ only, so that they cannot see other public projects within that Team. If need be, I add them to multiple projects manually, but never add them to the Team.