How do I create a table with my fields in a task?

I am trying to create a table with the fields.

Welcome, @Adrian_SF_Support,

Can you explain in more detail what you mean by table, when you want it to appear, and what your use case is? I’m not sure what you mean.



When I click a task I want to see the fields as a table. I attached a photo. But I am not seeing where to create one.

I want it to appear when I click into a task. Like the screenshot above.

The table display of custom fields in your image is an A/B test Asana is running for at least a few more days. When the test is over they will review findings and decide to “unship” it, release it, or make changes. If/when a change is rolled out, there will be an announcement in the Forum.



Ohhh I see! But - I can see it in another org, why am I not able to see it in this one? :slight_smile:

That’s typical of an A/B test; it’s usually done for a segment of the audience as a test, not everyone.

Got it, thank you!

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