How do I convert a task to a subtask with an automation

So we are using the Gmail App to create a task from an email. That task ends up in a “Manufacturer” list. So we then convert that task into a subtask of the “Manufacturer” it belongs to. We then have a Flowsana rule that adds all subtasks, and only subtasks, to another “Catalog” list because the email and subtask is all about catalogs. However, the Flowsana rule does not run on subtasks that were created as converted tasks … only subtasks that were directly entered.

How do I fix this?


Is this a question to resolve in Asana, Flowsana, or either?

cc @Phil_Seeman



Either really. It seems to be a gap in between Asana that Flowsana … or the Gmail App, does not quite cover. I’m not sure that Asana allows that trigger (convert to subtask) to be isolated. So wherever I can catch that trigger is fine with me!

Ok, thanks. Perhaps Phil will reply. In my case, this kind of discussion is more productive focusing holistically on a workflow, and in an interactive setting.

The workflow is described in my initial question. I understand that a video might help with visualising the workflow I described but the workflow I described is simple.

Essentially I have a rule in Flowsana watching for new subtasks and then adding those subtasks to another asana-project. The challenge is when those new subtasks come from a “Task Conversion” which is a task converted to a subtask rather than a “Task Creation” which is a subtask directly created in the task detail panel, the Flowsana rule does not run on that subtask.

I want the rule to run on both “created” subtasks and “converted” subtasks.

If that cannot happen but I can make the rule run on tagged subtasks or some other subtask characteristic that I can both set and run a rule off of, that would be fine. I just haven’t found any other characteristic like that. If you know of one, I’d love to know!

Hi @enyonam, Phil from Flowsana here. If you can go to one of those converted subtasks where the Flowsana rule is not firing, use the “Copy task link” option on it and send that task link to us at along with a reference to this forum thread, then we can definitely see what’s going on and why the rule is not running.

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That is so much appreciated @Phil_Seeman ! I will do that right away.

Done. I just submitted via email.

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