How can the admin get notification for guest invention

Hi Everyone,

1- How I can get a notification as an admin when somebody on my organization send an invitation to people outside the organization?
2- Can I prevent anybody from sending an invitation for people outside the organization for a security reason?

I think you can’t get either, your only chance is to do an export of the org often. @Julien_RENAUD any advice?

FYI next step would be to audit guest access, maybe you’ll be happy to use my tool for this

To complete @Bastien_Siebman’s answer:

  1. You can’t, but from the admin console, you can see the recently added users in the Insight, or you can filter the guest in the members’ list, but you’ll have to check regularly. Or this can be automated with the csv file and Excel.
  2. Yes you can but you need to have the Enterprise Asana version