Send notification to Admins when new user is added

We are currently using a divisional business license. I have some questions about adding users.

–> How does an admin know when a new user is added? Is there a way for admins to be notified?
–> Is there a Product Feedback thread that already exists around requesting that admins only can add users toward the seat count?

Good question @AshleyWright, Admins can access the Divisional Admin Console to manage members and monitor if there are new members. We currently don’t have an option to notify Admins when a new user is added.

I have gone ahead and moved this thread to the Product Feedback category to allow other users to upvote. I’ve also slightly update the title to make it more discoverable. I hope you don’t mind!

Thanks for sharing this feedback and let me know if you have follow up questions.

What is being done about this? For us small companies, any new user is an unbudgeted hit. It does not bode well for our Asana longevity. I did upvote it but it only has 7 which seems meager.

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