Coming soon - Team Admins!

Hello Asana Community,

We’re excited to share a new role that we are adding to Asana - team admins! Team admins add guardrails in Asana to support adoption, best practices, and standardization of how work gets done throughout their organizations. See our guide article to learn more about the team admin role.

What capabilities do team admins have?

Team admins will be available for all tiers, and specific capabilities are dependent on the plan you have with Asana.

Basic Plan:

  • Ability to control who receives notifications when a user request to join a team
  • Team Members will not be able to promote, demote or remove team admins from teams

Premium and Business Plan:

  • Ability to restrict Team Members from editing team name
  • Ability to restrict Team Members from editing team description
  • Ability to restrict Team Members from deleting team
  • Ability to restrict Team Members from editing team privacy type

Enterprise Plan:

  • Ability to restrict Team Members from inviting members to the team
  • Ability to restrict Team Members from inviting guests to the team

Do we have a roll out date? :slight_smile:

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It’s currently rolling out and should be available to everyone soon!

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What about restrict Team Members from removing other members in a project?


Great! I just wonder how do we know who are the team admins for the different teams?

Also, what is the process if a team member wants to invite someone, will the team admin will receive a notifications?

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would be nice if we can also restrict visibility/editing on some custom fields in the workboard :slight_smile:


Yes this feature would be very helpful!

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When will this update be pushed to all accounts?

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Will this new feature mean that when projects are shared with people with same email domain that they wont be added to the team and thus taking up seats without approval first? Please say yes?

@Ben_Turewicz, I don’t think the new features will change the existing behavior: Adding a user with your org’s domain to a project will result in an additional seat used (though it won’t automatically add them to the project’s team).


@lpb What I’m asking is…will approval be needed?

The whole point about having team admin controls is the ability to stop people becoming members of a team. Currently people get added to teams and take up seat spaces when shared a project by any project member, if they have the same email domain.

This means Team admin is ignored by this action Therefore, if someone tries to share a project with someone who isnt on a team, will it have to go through an approval and only Team admin can chose if they can have access to the project, team and seat.

@Ben_Turewicz, As it’s written in the OP, you’ll at least, in the Basic Plan, have the ability to control who is notified upon a request to join a team, and in Enterprise to restrict team members from inviting others.

I’m not sure about any controls in the case of a new member to a project causing another seat to be used. Maybe @Marie can comment?



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Hello @Ben_Turewicz and and @lpb

That won’t be supported in this upcoming update, but hopefully this is something we can add to the Team admin role in the future!