Lock down invite team members to only Admins so licensing can be controlled.

We have wild adoption that is quickly out growing licenses. Inviting members is open to ALL Asana users. To control license usage, we would like to see this locked down to admins. This way we can control licensing and account for a true number of licenses needed.

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As Rebecca mentioned in this post setting up a division might be interesting for you:

Now for teams you can also change the settings who can join or add somebody, more info here.

And here is a feedback request thread you might be interested in upvoting

Setting up divisions still allows for users to add members. I need to lock down my members. I have teams for each department utilizing Asana, and within this they can also add members to the team, which if they don’t already have an account sends them an invitation to the system.

So I’m not seeing how divisions prevents this.

Hm I see so I am thinking you can just try and lock things down as much as possible + also educate your team and set up some sort of process.

In divisions you can set up teams.

Now for teams there is a new role called team admin now, more info here Team Admin Role in Asana • Asana Product Guide

On enterprise plans it does allow you as well to set it up so only the team admin can approve new requests to join.

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We do actually have a process in place but no way to enforce it with the software. As the admin I own all sanctioned teams. However, individuals can create their own teams and invite whomever they want, and if they aren’t already in the system it sends and invite and takes a license. This brings me back to our licensing issue. How do you lock the system all the way down so that only administrators can invite members, I looked up divisions and I’m not really understanding how that locks anything down.