Prevent users from joining business account and taking a paid seat without permission

Right now anyone with a company email address automatically gets added to our account and takes up a seat. I am using a paid version of Asana primarily for a couple of departments at a larger company. We are always going over our budgeted seats because there are no controls over who can join the paid organization’s limited seats. There’s even a button on Asana form responses encouraging people to sign up for Asana, which is making things worse. Please allow more control so that anyone at a company with a company email address can’t automatically take a paid seat without some kind of permission or vetting.


I have been wondering the same thing!

Along a similar line, I just learned this by accident when I added my company email to my own existing account and inadvertently created a new organization. At that point, our company now CANNOT convert from a workspace to an organization with our domain because the organization already exists! (I can’t find anywhere in the user guide indicating that this sort of thing would occur. It seems like a pretty important detail that should be made more clear to prevent users creating organizations willy nilly any time they add an email.)

Maybe this is a little off topic, but I think it still relates, so I’m interested in the development of this thread. (Plus I am freshly frustrated with this.)

But yes, I agree. The whole “anybody with the same domain automatically becomes a member” seems a little TOO automated. There should definitely be some kind of permissions.


Hi @Eric_Shearin, thanks for reaching out!

I’d recommend reaching out to our Support team to discuss if a Division would be the right solution for you. Divisions offer an additional layer of control over members.

You can contact our Support team by following these steps:

I hope this helps!

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