How can I use Asana to create a compliance tracker?

Hello all,

I am the O.M. for a nonprofit that has employees in multiple states, and we also seek donations from folks in states where we don’t have employees.

I am hoping to use Asana to create a tracker for all the states to make sure we are on top of our paperwork and documentations.


Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Ishtar_Saiyady!

You could set up projects per states with steps to check/complete as sections and also use project and task templates so you can basically set up the different checklists / action steps based on the state.

You could also create a single-select custom field with all states as options and them based on the selection a rule will add all relevant action steps as tasks or subtasks.

You can find a lot of info and use cases in the Asana guide and also here in the forum.

One similar example of compliance tracking has been shared here.

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I hope that helps