Stay on top of your grant application pipeline with the Grant Tracking template for Asana

In addition to direct charitable contributions and dynamic fundraising campaigns/events, nonprofits need to be able to diversity their revenue streams in order to survive and thrive. According to Giving USA’s 2017 report, giving (in the form of grants) from charitable foundations, direct request and corporate giving, amounted to a total of $124.44 billion dollars in the USA alone.

Without the right tools to keep the various parts of the application process on track and completed in time, the process of applying for grants can get complicated very fast. To help nonprofits effectively manage this process, Asana is proud to introduce the Grant Tracking template, available for all Asana users!

:woman_technologist: Tips on how to get started! :man_technologist:

To start using this template click the quick add+ button, in the upper right corner of your Asana instance, and select Project. You’ll find the Grant Tracking template in the “Operations” section of the template category selector.

For an overview and helpful tips on how to use Asana to track and manage your grant applications, click here to reference our guide article.

The Grant Tracking template has detailed tasks that should be unpacked and converted into their own projects. When you convert a Task into a Project, every Subtask will be converted to a Task, which lets you organize your work in a calendar or timeline view. :spiral_calendar:

The Grant Tracking template is organized into three sections which you can use to keep track of work as it’s progressing along each step of the grant application process:

  1. :open_file_folder:Grant Funding Opportunities Backlog :open_file_folder:
  • Use this section help keep track of grant opportunities that your organization can apply for.

    Asana Business pro tip: Convert the example task into its own project and create a form so you can source grant funding opportunities throughout the entire organization. Now all your new grant funding opportunities are captured and ready for your team to action in Asana.

  1. :pencil:Grants in Consideration :pencil:
  • The example task in this section is itself a template. This task is designed for you to duplicate, then [convert into a new project[(

  • Having a unique project for each grant that your organization has chosen to apply for allows your team to manage and track each require step as a Task to ensure the grant application is correct, complete, and on-time. Be sure to check each subtask for additional tips to manage the grant writing process.

    Asana Business pro tip; Add each grant tracking project to a portfolio, so you can manage and report on your entire grant tracking pipeline, all in one place!

  1. :moneybag:Active Grant Tracking :moneybag:
  • To track the grants that you have successfully secured, duplicate the example task and add a due date to mark the end of that grant funding cycle.

    Asana Premium and Business pro tip; If you have premium+ plan, add a start and due date to view the entire duration of each active grant task. Use the timeline view to see which grants overlap and if there are any grant funding gaps that you should be address.

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Whether you’ve used Asana to apply for grants in the past, or if this template is a gentle nudge for your nonprofit to move in that direction, we’d love to hear your feedback on this template in the comments below!


Grant Tracking is not available in the Cross-functional section at this time.

@Brian_Massey, All three templates are available in the Operations template category.


Yep. That’s correct.

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Hi @Brian_Massey
Looks like you’re correct. I’ve updated this post accordingly :+1:

This is fantastic. Thanks for having nonprofits on your radar, Asana!


Of course @Crystal_Alifanow

We have a few more lightweight solutions for nonprofits on the way too, so stay tuned!

Hi there, I manage a non profit grant making charity that also fundraises. I’ve gone to the trial of the Business version, mainly for the Portfolios feature as I found that I wanted to split out projects from fundraising and grant making etc. However, I was wondered how I get one overall timeline that shows me everything that is due/in progress across all my various portfolios and projects? There are not massive amounts of tasks, it is more about keeping a clear separation between a governance piece of work and a fundraising event for example. Can you help? Thanks!

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Hi @Graeme_Marsh
I recommend creating a single project (added to the portfolio), to provide a single timeline of your team’s work. The relevant tasks that map your timeline can be multihomed or tethered, into this project, which you can label using customer fields (then sorting my custom fields), or by moving those tasks into their own respective sections to help keep things organized.

Hope this helps!

PS: I’ve moved your question to the grant application pipeline post so that others can learn from your workaround :slight_smile: