Manage your grant lifecycles to boost donor retention

Manage your grant lifecycles to boost donor retention

While securing funding is a top priority for nonprofits of all sizes and locations, retaining that donor support can be equally critical. Fostering trust between your organization and donors depends on your ability to track progress and report impact accurately and ahead of schedule. That’s where Asana comes in.

Asana’s collaborative work management platform helps nonprofits visualize and move projects forward organization-wide, from the back office to teams in the field and partners around the globe. Transform the way your team works by locating inefficiencies, establishing scalable processes, and streamlining your workflows.

Access the recording and supporting resources below, to learn how Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America (BBBSA) uses Asana to templatize their grant lifecycle phases more efficiently, increasing grant capacity more than double by:

  • Managing grant distribution and compliance processes at scale
  • Streamlining grant reporting, ensuring accountability to funders, and securing renewals
  • Creating a single source of truth to remove department siloes and improve cross-team communications


Big Brother Big Sisters of America customer story
Discover how BBBSA’s Foundation Grants team unlocked the following impact, through their use of Asana:

  1. 2.5X more grants distributed annually, without increasing resources, because the team can manage more grants at a time
  2. 50% increase in grant funding to local agencies over the past 2 years because they’re no longer missing deadlines
  3. 50% reduction in time spent organizing and starting new grant projects thanks to their standard template
  4. 80% less time spent reporting on grants to donors because work is streamlined in one place


Additional Resources

1) Asana for Nonprofits (A4N) Bootcamp #2

  • Click here to import A4N Bootcamp #2 into your Asana to learn how you can:
    • Standardize and streamline your action plan project avoiding the need to start from scratch the next time you need to launch the next one;
    • Manage multiple projects and scale the deployment of more than one action plan at a time;
    • Communicate your team’s progress, by sharing updates and data program partner stakeholders need to see.

2) Consult for You Workshop
Attend our Consult for You (C4U) workshop on Oct 4, 2022 at 9am (PST), where we’ll hold space for folks to validate their work in Asana and support Bootcamp #2’s learning objectives, with the help and guidance of our Asana experts.

:point_down: Sign up by clicking the link below :point_down:

Asana for Nonprofits Accelerator Program

Asana for Nonprofits is proud to announce our partnership with NetHope, supporting their mission and the missions of their member organizations to address the world’s most pressing environmental, conservation & humanitarian crises, through collective action, collaboration and the transformational power of technology.

Over the next three months, Asana for Nonprofits is launching a diverse array of webinars, consultation sessions and enablement bootcamps designed with intentionality and shared with purpose- to help teams to scale their capacity for the good that they do.

  • Click this link to learn how this webinar fits within the Asana for Nonprofits Accelerator program, launched in support of our partnership with NetHope and discover how this webinar fits within a broader Asana for Nonprofits Accelerator initiative, geared to support nonprofit success!
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For those looking to get tactical hands on training, click the link below to view the recording from our Consult for You workshop