Anyone out there using Asana to help track their FCA compliance?

Hi all,

We’re relatively new to Asana as a company, and loving it…

I have a major project to handle all the compliance tasks & records for our Financial Conduct Authority approval that we’re embarking on at the moment.
This is the UK body that regulates the investment industry.

we have to ensure that employees are trained properly, and that our procedures are regularly reviewed & checked etc.

It’s struck me that Asana might form a great part of this system - has anyone out there tried setting Asana up to do this or to assist with ensuring compliance with some other regulatory frameworks?

I’m happy to share my experiences, especially if I can learn from others’ implementations.




Hi @James_Heath, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! You can find some general ways to use Asana in this section of our guide: Ways to use Asana • Asana. Hopefully some of the examples can guide you to find what you are looking for and you can create your specific workflow in Asana.

I’m also adding our forum leaders to this thread in case someone has any experience with your use case and can share some advice! cc @pforumleader @ambforumleader :slight_smile:


Hi @James_Heath

Welcome to the forum!
What an exciting times… embarking on an FCA regulation. Congratulations in advance.

Asana is certainly a good to help you ‘keep your ducks in order’ especially with the different moving pieces for the FCA. I do not have a template to share unfortunately, but here are ideas:

Assuming the regulation relates to a particular product:

  1. create a project for the various moving pieces of products - divide it into sections and each section captures key elements of product set up completion. In this project, you embed any training tasks, timelines or milestones you need to achieve
  2. create a project only for documentation related to FCA regulation. In this project, refer to any sort up of the documents you need to do. You build the project in the form of tasks: policy creation, policy review, and an approval task for policy sign off.
  3. create 1 portfolio and put these projects in the portfolio - this will make it easier to provide a holistic status update.

This is very generic, but if you have something specific you want to track, do let me know.


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