How can I see all my deadlines from multiple organisations in one view?


I work freelance, so multiple organisations send me projects in Asana. I know I can view my tasks for each organisation in separate web browsers, but is there a way I can get all my deadlines into one calendar so I can see how busy my week/month is in one clear view?


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Hello @Nicole_Lutze and thanks for posting!

Unfortunately there isn’t a way to view data across multiple domains natively within Asana. There might be some integrations that you could leverage to achieve this. Please explore those here

@Phil_Seeman might be able to help with his app Treesana in the making?

Otherwise a good old dashboard solution The ultimate guide for doing things with Asana - #24 by Andrea_Mayer might be able to help…

Finally @Nicole_Lutze I could also build a custom dashboard myself if that makes sense.

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Yep, having one view with all of your assigned tasks across all of your organizations/workspaces is one of the planned features of Desksana (formerly Treesana).