How can I report on Out of hours requests

Hi, I use Asana for my IT helpdesk I am just wondering if there is a way to report on request that come in after my hours of work?

Hi @Joseph_Gold :wave: and welcome to the Asana Forums!

Asana has a lot of cool built-in features to help you see what new tasks, subtasks, conversations and projects have been created that you are a part of. One place you can always check is your Inbox but things will only show up there if you have your notifications setting set up correctly. Can you provide me some more information on how you receive the requests after your normal work hours? Do they come in on a project as a new task or some other way? If you can give me some more information on how your workflow is set up I can provide some tips on how to figure out which requests came in when you were away and need to be reviewed/action taken.


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