How can I make a collaborative task reflect in my colleague's 'My Tasks' on the Asana dashboard?

Hi team,

We’ve just started using Asana for our company. Quick question:
When I create a task, I’m able to add multiple collaborators. However, how do I ensure the task appears in the collaborator’s ‘My Tasks’ calendar/list?

Hope someone can help me out! :slight_smile:



My Tasks is only for tasks assigned to you. A collaborator is only a follower do they don’t see the task in My Tasks. Does that help?

Also Asana has only one assignee per task.

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Hi Bastien,

Thanks for your reply!
I see - any idea if there is a way to show the tasks (in a calendar) on which you are a collaborator?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Yea run a search, save it and use the calendar view!


Perfect! That’s very helpful already. Any idea if I can add the tasks I am a collaborator on, to ‘My Tasks’?

Only by assigning them to you.

@Eva_Bulters, You could add a subtask to the task, assign the subtask to yourself, then the subtask would appear in your My Tasks, and it shows there with an “<” arrow followed by the parent task name, and if you open the subtask in the Task Detail right pane, the parent task link is there so the actual task is just a click away.

If that helps…


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Great! Thank you so much.

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