how can I have information in the workflow tab automatically populate appropriately in the list tab?

if I have manually entered information into the tasks in the “list” or “workflow” tab; how can I get that same information to reflect in each tab (list, board, timeline, calendar, workflow) without having to manually enter it?

Example: the charts and graphs count and keep track of tasks being open/close, so why wouldn’t the other tabs organize information that I’ve already entered once on one end (enter information into list section) and its format just be changed according to whichever tab you’re using to present said information?

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To be honest I am a bit confused where exactly you added the info, can you clarify please?

Do you refer to custom fields? If so then you can see the info in different views, you might just have to enable it in the list view for example. For more info see: How to Create and use Custom Fields • Asana Product Guide

If that is not the info you are after let me know so I can assist further :slight_smile:

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Welcome @Christian_Ramsey!!

same as @Andrea_Mayer has said, I am confused by your ask, maybe could you share some screenshots then we can help?

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ok so I am trying to see why the information I enter in the “list” tab shows up and reorganizes it according to the style that I’m choosing to view it in; whether its list, board, timeline, or calendar … BUT when I get to workflow it does not automatically break it down into a work flow based off the information I entered in the list tab. I end up have to reenter information into the workflow. Is there a way that the workflow will automatically created itself based of previously entered information (a pre-existing asana template set ups) or do I have to manually reenter and organize info when I get to the workflow tab?

Hopefully that’s a less confusing way to ask.

I basically had to retype the same information into the workflow section that I initially typed into the list section. Is that just how the system is or can I have the workflow tab pull previous info added in the tabs prior to it?

Oh I see.
So list view, board view, calendar and timeline are just different views meaning how tasks and the info is displayed.

Now workflow (which you can also access via the customize menu) allows you to automate the process, meaning set up forms, rules and more.

Here is more info about it: Workflows with Asana | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

More info on navigating Asana: How to navigate Asana | Product guide • Asana Product Guide,
Sidebar redesign | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

So in order to set up templates and rules you‘ll hve to do it via the workflow or customize menu.

Project templates might be useful in your case too, have a look How to Use Asana Project Templates | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide

I hope that helps. Let us know in case you have additional questions.

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