How can I create a notification or task creation for someone when a custom field in a portfolio changes

Hi everyone,
I created a portfolio with all our development projects. I set various custom fields at the level of the portfolio. One of it is the project phase. I want to create a task or at least a notification for me if the value of said custom field changes.
How can I do this? I couldn’t find “Rules” in portfolios

Hi @Thomas_Roos ,

Unfortunately, rules are not yet available at the project/portfolio level. If you use a 3PP integrator like Zapier or Make, I think this should be relatively simple to achieve. Alternatively, you could consider working with one of the Asana partners who specialize in integration; maybe try @Bryan_TeamKickstart ?

Additionally, consider voting for this request:

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@Stephen_Li - thanks for the @mention. :slight_smile:

@Thomas_Roos - yes, my team builds a lot of automations in and Zapier, including many based on changes in portfolios. As @Stephen_Li said, these are not yet available natively in Asana (hopefully will be at some point in the future).

If it’s important for you to have now (as opposed to hoping Asana enables this in the future), and you’d like to discuss potentially hiring my team to help you on this or other custom automations, feel free to book a “Quick Help” call and we can talk through what you are aiming to do and we can spec the requirements.
Grab a free 15-min meeting here:

And for the record, the automation you are asking for is a fairly simple one, so this will likely be a small-ish project.

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@Bryan_TeamKickstart, I scheduled a slot to discuss the topic with you.

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Thank you for the swift response. I voted for the product feature :slight_smile:


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