How can I create a master Timeline

Hi! As this thread is almost 2 years old – is there now a way to view all projects in one master timeline without having to create new boards?


The search view is being improved on a regular basis, so maybe one day there will be a timeline on it!

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Seconded. On meeting with my team today (having just upgraded, in fact, SOLELY for Timelines), we were in disbelief that Timelines doesn’t show everything in one view.

Considering cancelling the upgrade now, unfortunately. This should be prioritized.


This really is a KEY FEATURE that is needed. In order to really be efficient, we need to see a master timeline sowe can make sure we are on track with everything, otherwise things just get lost.

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This is almost a deal-breaker for us. The whole point of the timelines for us would be to see the final due dates of Projects, not Tasks.

Timeline view in portfolios kinda give you this.