How can I create a master Timeline

Hi! As this thread is almost 2 years old – is there now a way to view all projects in one master timeline without having to create new boards?


The search view is being improved on a regular basis, so maybe one day there will be a timeline on it!

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Seconded. On meeting with my team today (having just upgraded, in fact, SOLELY for Timelines), we were in disbelief that Timelines doesn’t show everything in one view.

Considering cancelling the upgrade now, unfortunately. This should be prioritized.


This really is a KEY FEATURE that is needed. In order to really be efficient, we need to see a master timeline sowe can make sure we are on track with everything, otherwise things just get lost.


This is almost a deal-breaker for us. The whole point of the timelines for us would be to see the final due dates of Projects, not Tasks.


Timeline view in portfolios kinda give you this.

I agree Timeline view in portfolios helps with seeing your overall projects, but we really need to be able to see tasks in the timeline within those projects. We are running several productions at once and want to be able to see several projects on one timeline (gantt) table.


Bumping this up again, unbelievable that 2 years have passed since this topic started and it’s not a feature yet - creating tasks for “project duration” within a project and then multihome them to a team or company timeline is a mess. Any news here??


It’s funny, isn’t it. Asana seems so powerful, and then all of a sudden you hit a block like this where you just think “what were they thinking not making that possible”. Surely the power of a gantt chart (which is effectively what Timeline is) is that it can roll up and have interdependencies. Projects seem to completely sandbox the actual tasks and not expose them to the portfolio, losing the ability to have these interdependencies. Even within a single team, it’s only possible to see the calendar, not the timeline.

The amount of similar thread in Asana I’ve come across now where the top of the thread raises an obvious point; then Asana respond with some rubbish work around; then you realise it was two years old so scroll to the bottom of the thread and realise they STILL haven’t done anything with it.

I am now remembering why I have moved away from Asana in the past.


Hi, Asana team! @Marie :slight_smile:

We are still waititng for the master timeline.

Could you react somehow, is it even at your plans?
It affets very much on our decision between Free and Premium.

P.S.: We are using Asana for 4-5 years, some periods Free, some - Business/Premium.

Best Regards!

@Sergey_Tkachenko Asana does not share their roadmap, just like most competitors.