Horizontal scroll bar goes too fast on the left



Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:

Hi, on the Timeline view, the horizontal scroll bar does not work well, and as soon as we move it to the left we go back several years, it accelerates all at once … and then we have to move the bar to the right.

Steps to reproduce:
Just try to move the horizontal scroll to the left.

Browser version: Chrome Version 71.0.3578.98


Hi @Julien_RENAUD and thank you so much for the report!

Our Team is aware of this issue; this seems to be happening when using your mouse scroll wheel, am I correct? One workaround is to drag the scroll bar instead, this should allow you to move back in time within your timeline!


This happens precisely when I use the horizontal scroll bar. I move a few millimeters and I move 2 years on the Timeline. Whenever I open a timeline, the first movement of the bar does that, and then it works properly. But as soon as I open a new Timeline it starts again.


Thanks @Julien_RENAUD, just to make sure I’m getting this right: you’re having this issue when manually dragging the scrolling bar (without touching your mouse scroll wheel, correct?


Yes I only click the left button of my mouse, and drag the bar on the left. I don’t touch the scroll wheel.