Hit me with the best way to add a simple unique ID to a new task please (#002)

Hi brains trust,
A newbie here looking to add a simple unique id e.g. #003 to each new task as it is created. That number will be used in communications and meetings as some tasks have very similar titles. I note that there is no simple id, just a GUID style id that is not user friendly at all.

I was thinking running a webhook to a server that would return an incremental number that would then be placed into a task called jobId. Is this the best approach and if it is, how would you add the returned number to the task please?

Thanks for any feedback on this.

Hi @Ewen_Hill , welcome to the forum!

I think the webhook is a part of the solution.
The other part is to create a “custom field” to store that ID.
And, you’re done.
When a task is created, your webhook can increment that count, and set it as custom field value.
But, anyone with write access to the task will be able to edit that value.

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Hi @Ewen_Hill,

You can build your own webhook-based solution, but note that you can also use the already-built unique ID feature of our Flowsana integration which has already done it for you. It can put the ID in the task name or in a custom field, your choice.

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