Adding ID to Task Name field

I would like to write a rule that appends the new ID field to the task name. So the format would be “Build this widget (ID-4377)” The issue I am having is how to make the rule to “wait” until the person finishes typing the Name using the Task is added to this project trigger.

Is there anyway to get around this? What I am having to do is make the person manually update the task progress field (Normally would have the task set to “Not Started” on creation).

Welcome, @Michelle_Tucker2,

I believe you can’t do that natively in Asana.

You could use a third-party, perhaps or (cc @Phil_Seeman), and may need to use this which has caveats (see the top of the article warnings) and requires some developer skills:



We do have an experimental Flowsana option to delay workflow processing, for the exact reason specified here.

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