History of Sales Status: Appointments Secured

I’m new to using Asana and trying to understand what type of analytics are available, is there a way to look at a history of sales status for appointments secured? My client wants to know YTD how many appointments my team has secured, but all I’m able to view are future dates. Once the sales status has been updated and changed, it no longer shows the past appointments when I export a report. Is there a way for me to look at historical data from a top level overview, by sales status, across a YTD range for my client so I can track how many appointments my team secured during the FY, even after the status was changed?

What you can do with analytics really depends on the way you structure your account. History of sales would be possible if you have one task for each invoice for example. Same things goes for appointments, if you have one task per meeting, it should allow you to do useful reporting.

What does that mean?