Hierarchical Organization (multi-organization)

Is it possible to create an Asana application/organization that provides a service to be used by many people in different companies/organizations with different email domains?

There would be UberCompany that would provide the service and would be paying for the users (no matter what company the user emails have).

Users could be user1 at company1 dot com, user2 at company2 dot com etc.

All users from company1.com would see only tasks/projects created by a user from company1 etc.

Is that kind of scheme possible?
Thanks for the help.

Welcome, @RonB,

You could do this with one Asana organization, but all those joining with other org email domain names would be Guests (not Members) so they’d lack a few abilities (like creating Teams, creating Custom fields) but generally could operate well as day-to-day users.

And you’d likely want to create a team for each org to achieve what you’re asking–for them to only see projects and tasks related to their org.

Bonus: Since you only pay for Members, not Guests, they’re all free users!


Thanks very much Larry.

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