Hiding Priority field from task details pane

In a project, I added a Priority field. Now it shows up on the details pane of every task. I’ve tried removing it from the Project and hiding it, but a Priority section still shows up in the details pane. Is there any way to get rid of it?

Hello Marmot and welcome to the community :wave:

Hiding a field or removing it from a project makes a difference and brings different results.

  • If you hide a field it will still show on the task detail pane.
  • If you remove/delete it from a project then it will also be removed from the detail pane (unless a task is multihomed to another project which contains the Priority field).

Would you mind sharing a screenshot for better understanding?


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Welcome, @Marmot,

In addition to the great answer from @Elina_P, which are the first things to check, if you still have an issue consider the following:

After removing the custom field from the project, the task detail pane will still show the field and its value, greyed out and with an “X” next to it if you hover it, for any tasks for which you have a non-blank value for that field.

So, if you want to fully remove it, consider first clearing (blanking) the values perhaps by multi-selecting tasks and clearing the values), or "X"ing out any remaining values after removing the field.

Hope that helps,


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Thanks @lpb for adding this info :ok_hand:

It’s true that even after removing a field, the value stays in an inactive mode, if that makes sense.
To be honest I don’t really understand why that happens… as we need to go back, check and ‘X’…

Any opinion will be helpful.


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I think the intent is to maintain history, and keep the value around in case the field is re-added to the project.

I agree with you, @Elina_P, that often it’s not desirable. I wish the Remove field from project offered the option of either the current behavior or full removal.



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Thank you @lpb

That makes sense…

I would vote for that :wink:

Thanks again for your help and info shared,


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