Hide/Show Custom Field on list view

It would be helpful to customize where custom fields appear. I have fields I’d like to see in task view but that are not necessary to appear in list view (gets crowded). I only have the option of hiding the field in all parts of the project, though.

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Hi @Pamela_Harasyn, thanks for posting! Just to clarify, are you already using the option “Show”/“Hide” Custom field as in the screenshot below?

By default, all Custom Fields will appear in both the right pane and the main pane task list, but you can hide a Custom Field’s column from the main pane’s task list via the Manage Custom Fields dialog box.

By doing this, the Custom Field won’t show up in the list view, but you can still see it when you click the task. Please let me know if this is what you are looking for :slight_smile:


Oops! Thank you!!!


No problem! :wink:

If you don’t mind, I’m moving your post to the Tips and Tricks section so that other users looking for the same feature can easily locate it.

Have a great day!