Hiding inactive projects

When we hire a new person, HR creates a new Asana project for all of the tasks needed for onboarding. I, in IT, have a few tasks to do before the employee’s first day on and on their first day, and then I’m done. But HR has 30-day and 90-day tasks on there, so the project stays on my list functionally indefinitely.

Is there some way I can just hide the projects in my view? I don’t want to archive them because that would archive them for everybody and it’s not really my place to do something like that to the project overall.

Hi @Glenn_Simpson welcome ! if it is a part of your ‘team’ and a ‘public’ project there is no way of hiding it. How i use it is hide the projects view and just used the favourites to navigate - when I am done- I remove from my favourites.


I like it! Thanks!