Hide tasks from users

how to hide some tasks from such a users ?

You can create private teams or projects and add them there. This way, the tasks are only visible to the people you invited to the team or project.


Hi @Rewaq and welcome to the Community Forum! @Millor_Machado’s option is probably the best one, you can learn more about private project in this handy article from our Guide: Project permissions | Product guide • Asana Product Guide.


thank you all for replying its very helpful
If somebody has access to a project, then they have access to all tasks and conversations within that project. my question is ist possible to hide some tasks from any member of the team ?


No unfortunately you can’t hide specific tasks from users. Project members automatically have access to all tasks within the project.

One possible workaround: If you want a user to have access to only specific tasks in a project, you can add them to each of these tasks individually (as opposed to the entire project). This way they will only have access to tasks you have given them access to! Hope that makes sense, let me know if you have any question :slight_smile:


good ,
so I have to remove my team first from the project and then I have to add them individually at tasks that I want
is that correct

Correct @Rewaq! :slight_smile:

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Any update on “private tasks/subtasks” or “comment only tasks/subtasks” within a project? Some tasks or conversations about specific subjects are not for everyone… To create follow-up-tasks as “shadow tasks/conversations” without homing them to a project is not the best solution as they get lost easy…

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Hi @JohanW,

Unfortunately I don’t have any update at the moment, but I’ll make sure to update this thread as soon as I do!

Is it possible to hide a project in a Team so that only invited team members know that project exists? We’re trying to avoid other team members from seeing that it exists.

As a middle ground between access to all of a project and adding members to individual tasks, perhaps it could be made so that sections can have members added?
Some of our projects have distinct stages, but there’s a fair bit of overlap so don’t want to move the whole project to a different team. Projects include client info, sales and invoicing info that I would rather wasn’t visible to all.

@Melissa_Lucas-Ludwig, Yes, just click Share at the top and make the project Private; only the project members will see it. This is a Premium feature I believe.


Hi Marie, how are you? :slight_smile: :coffee: :coffee:
Is there any update about this feature? It is very important also for us because in many projects we have external consultants or our own customers that need to see some tasks but not others.
Tasks in advance

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This is an unfortunate limitation. We have a large, content-creation project template (~100ish tasks) that we would prefer to have certain project members not see every task in the project. This template is used for multiple, similar projects that can be happening simultaneously.

We have tried creating the project from the template under a private team. This is close to working well enough for us to use it. The user that is not part of the team can see the task assigned to them, but they can’t see the project name so they have no context for what the task is for. This almost seems like a bug, or at the very least defeats the purpose of using a template.

As an example, if a user is assigned the task “Author to provide creative direction for cover design” they have no idea what project it is related to. Manually updating each task to include context like “Book XYZ - Author to provide creative direction for cover design” defeats the purpose of using a template in the first place.

Ideally, the user would see the project name for the task AND be able to browse the project seeing only the tasks they have access to. I think this could be programmed relatively easily:

  • Team members - Every task (existing functionality)
  • Project members - Every task (existing functionality)
  • Not project or team member - Tasks assigned to them / listed as a collaborator on

For security purposes you could also restrict collaborator tagging to Team members or Project members to prevent task-only users/collaborators bringing in additional users. This may already exist, I’m not sure.

The only solution to our problem right now would be to create multiple projects spread across different teams, which isn’t practical.

Hello there,
Any news on this subject?

Is there a feature request for this “hiding tasks from certain users” ? I do believe this feature should be within Asana, it’s something that is asked a lot and having duplicated boards just don’t cut it. It is super messy to have two different projects for the same thing.

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @anon93177530.
Currently it is not possible to hide tasks from users.

I’d say yes and no. Let me give you an example:
I am working at an international company and we handle a lot of things for various markets, in various languages. Now the main coordinator and key people involved will have access to the main project to which all tasks are added to, while other people are only added to separate projects. Why? Because they do not need to know about all the other tasks. We are splitting the info up.
A lot of times we also have one main task with subtasks and only subtasks are multi-homed in the relevant 2nd project.
Not sure if you mean “duplicated boards” as duplicated or just multi-homing, because multi-homing tasks is super fast and easy.

Now here is a feedback request thread you might be interested in upvoting as this could be a workaround if you want specific information not to be seen by everybody: Allow Project Owners to Hide & Make Read-Only Custom Fields, The ability to hide Custom Fields applied to a task that don't belong to the project in which the task is being viewed

Oh and also connected work links are very nice: Coming soon! Connected work links! đź”—
Whenever we need to add some confidential info to tasks that should not be seen by everyone we do it via connected work links, meaning we have a task in a private project and add the link to the main task. This way only people with access will be able to see this info.

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I understand this is not a functionality currently. Sorry if I didn’t give much context cause I thought the feature of “hiding tasks from certain users” is quite simple and powerful tool. In our case we are a Dev Agency which works with shared boards with our clients and sometimes we want to have a task inside a specific project not viewable by our clients so we can keep all related tasks to this project in one board/project. Having two different projects for each client is not neat cause then you have to look for the tasks if its a “hidden” task for the client or a general task, in this case multi-homing would work somehow, but we want to prevent having two projects. I see how your type of work(or the one you depict) uses multi-homing and its useful, but in our case having the same task two times in two different places(Projects) (even if this task is just one in two different projects) for the same client/project is sometimes confusing for some colleagues.

Hm yeah I get your point and I know everybody prefers dealing with this differently.
I have written a post about this topic a while ago as it is kind of tricky how much access to give to clients in general. There are a lot of pros and cons.

Any plans to make this possible? I agree with everyone else, it’s not feasible to have a completely seperate boards to manage something that should be so simple.