Disable some tasks to other users of my team

How can i restrict a user of my team (inside a project) to targeted task without him seeing the other tasks of the project?

Hi @Emmanuel_K08

If a user is ONLY on a task and not on the project, nor on the team, they will only see that task.

Otherwise, if they are on the project, they will see all tasks on that project.

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You could also consider multi-homing the tasks this person is working on a separate project and give him access only to this project so he can’t access other ones!


I just tried to invite by email someone by assigning the task ans it doesn’t work, he can see everything

Thanks for this reply, it’s an option that i already considered but in that case i woundn’t have the global vision of his tasks on my timeline.

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Then they are on the Project also or the Team.

yes but what is the process to invite someone only on specific tasks or sections and not on the all project nor on the team?

Add them as a collab to the task If they are not in Asana, then it will prompt for email

Now, you just need to remove them from the team/project and they will have task level view only.

thanks !

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As pointed out, your solution for a person to only see a task is to only add them as Collaborator of the Task (not Member of the Project).

But you might be falling into the trap pointed out in these two threads, so be careful of that; maybe that’s what led you astray:

See also the full thread as well as my comment here:

Hope that helps,


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