Help with Flowsana, Subtask Trigger Workflow vs Tasks?

I am very new to Asana. My team purchased Asana Premium and has found the functionality we need isn’t there so I’m currently working with the Flowsana free trial to see if it will work as a solution for us. I am trying to automate our workflow and I’m wondering if our current use needs to be adjusted.

Currently we house all our tasks in one project, and want the workflow automated between Sections.

For example, our project is Kittens, then we have sections:
Kitten Review
Kitten Processing
Kitten QA

Then each Kitten will be marked complete, and we are using subtasks to mark each individual step complete.

Should we, instead, have Projects instead of Sections for each step and use Asana’s rules to move each task between projects when marked complete, then use Flowsana to trigger re-marking incomplete when it enters the next Project?

I am trying to wrap my head around this. It seems if we could trigger the workflow on Subtasks, that would resolve our issues, but I cant figure out if it’s possible with Asana Premium or Flowsana! Any help is appreciated.

Hi @Keiko_Childs:

Welcome to Asana! When I first joined, I had the same problem of identifying how to effectively use the platform as there are different ways to approach it.

I am wondering how your tasks are being utilized. Since you have the Kitten sections and the subtasks to mark each individual step complete, wouldn’t it make more sense just to have the tasks as your “steps to complete the section’”? Unless I am misunderstanding here.

I do not have the required expertise to speak on Flowsana, but @Phil_Seeman certainly does.

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Thank you for responding! Each kitten is a task, and we currently has 3 subtasks on each one that match the sections, and we manually move each kitten (task) into the next section when each step is completed, marking off the subtasks as we go.

This morning, I was able to use both the Asana-delivered rules and Flowsana to get a workflow set up to move tasks between projects when marked complete. In the Project format, I’m looking at having three projects:

Kitten Review
Kitten Processing
Kitten QA

Then when each Kitten is marked complete, it is moved to the next project phase and remarked incomplete. It seems to work like I want, unless I’ve missed something in testing…

With our current setup, ideally we could move each task through the sections of one project when the subtasks are checked off (Kitten QA, check, and it moves to Processing), but I think subtasks can’t trigger the rules to move the tasks.

Makes sense and is a good workflow. You are correct that subtasks do not trigger rules, you can only create a subtask as an action.

This is a highly wanted topic and you can track the progress of it here!

@Phil_Seeman actually runs Flowsana and he answers those questions here



It sounds like you have a good working workflow. As Mike says, there’s currently no way in either Asana or Flowsana to have a change in a subtask trigger a change in its parent task.

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