Having a little issue with Due Date Calendars

Hi there, So I am moving from Notion to Asana, is there anyway to make a calendar view for a different date data type.

So far we have “Due Date” which is obviously when it needs to be finished by. This is set by the project manager. However I want a view where I can create a calendar for a “Personal Due Date” where I have set time aside to finish the work.

I don’t want to get to the “Due Date” only to realise it is a weeks amount of work. Any tips or tricks to get around this. I always want to stay away from the start and end date, as I will be juggling multiple projects that could span months and take up a lot of real estate and make me miss other important things.


Hi @Stefan36
My suggestion was going to be making use of the start date of all these tasks. This will give you a good workload planning overview.

If you use the start date, then your ‘My Task’ view will update to reflect when you need to start on the these tasks.

Another workaround would be to customise your My Task page.
You can create a section called: Work to Commence

Outline the time you would want to start working on a task, if for example you will start 2 weeks before due date, create a rule that moves all tasks due in 2 weeks to this section. This will club all your work in one section.

I hope this helps a bit.

Here is the link to My Tasks for your ease of reference:

Welcome, @Stefan36,

In addition to @Rashad_Issa’s reply, I’ll add that a common way to address this is in each task assignee’s My Tasks. For the reasons you explained, organizing one’s work by Due date doesn’t cut it.

See my approach, which hundreds of clients and many others have used:



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