Display Project Due Date on Team Calendar

This seems so easy to me that I think I must be missing something. Does anyone know how to display project due date on a team’s calendar? The only way I know of to get this to work is to create a task for project due date, but it seems like Asana should display the due date from the project progress page on the Team Calendar, not? Thanks!


Hi @Kyle_L_Mickalowski - good question! At this time we aren’t able to view a project due date on a team’s calendar. What I recommend is, as you suggest, creating a task for project due date - that’s what I do, actually. We have heard this feedback and we’re working on a solution :slight_smile:

I’m glad to hear Asana is working on this! I would just like to chime in that I think this would be a major improvement. We use our Asana for managing student intern programming. Seeing the date of each program (/project) would help us immensely in our planning.

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We’re facing similar issues here - the dashboard view shows each project’s due dates, but to keep track of project statuses, every project uses a “marker task” or “flag”. This task carries a custom field (projects status: On hold, in briefing, drafting, awaiting approval etc) and every project’s “flag” is homed to a “project overview” that only holds these “flag” tasks, which we then view by “status” (see screenshot)

Each project (for a news release) contains a publish to media task. Our problem is synchronising the Project due date, the “flag” task due date and the publication task due date - essentially we need to set the due date in three places to ensure everything happens on time and due dates can be seen across projects and dashboards.

There is a better solution, but we haven’t found it yet.

Ideally a project level view, where the project entity is comprised of more than a list of tasks, would fit the bill, but looking at how Asana is built, in understand why it is task central, not project central.

Hi @Alexis; how do you get that task to appear in the My Work view of each user? Or do you not do that? I’m trying to get my team to “look up” from the daily drill down, but it’s proving hard to get them to view the larger scale, so I’d like to get important dates into the My Work if possible.

Hi @David_Carey - when you say, “My Work” are you referring to My Tasks?

All work assigned to an individual will appear in their My Tasks, and it may be filed in Today, Upcoming, or Later.

If your team is interested in viewing work at a high level, you might be interested in using Portfolios or Advanced Search Reports.

Let us know if there’s anything else we can do to support you!

Hi Alexis, is there any update on this? On being able to view all project due dates somewhere in Asana. Thanks


Hello, any update on this? I would love to see Project Due Dates on the team calendar as well.

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I just noticed this as well - it seems odd to not have the availability to see all project due dates show up automatically on a top level calendar overview view… Unless I am missing something.