Harvest API: Incorrect attribution

Ive noticed an error sometimes when I toggle the asana Harvest Timer it attributes the incorrect project but correct task.
See image attached

After a 7 day analysis my team reported 67% correct attribution of the timer toggle pulling correct project.

My question is how can this be improved to a 80-90%+ so its less touch of the toggle?
Appreciate your input.

Hello @Shane_Pollard!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I’ll contact Harvest to see if they have a solution for this (the code for this is on their servers).

I haven’t used Harvest much, but from my understanding you create projects in Harvest that map 1 to 1 with projects in Asana. I could see this might getting muddy, as tasks in Asana can have multiple projects.

Could you confirm that the tasks you’re logging time for have only 1 project, and the project is a mapped project? (I was seeing some inconsistency when I homed it into multiple projects). I think this knowledge would help Harvest with their debugging.

One more question. On a single task, is this issue happening intermittently? Or is it consistently giving the wrong project attribution?


Hi Ross, in most cases yes single project assignment.
It is mapped 1 to 1 with Harvest projects using same naming conventions.

There are the odd projects that have [client name] WEB service and [client name] DIGITAL service but these are separated projects and share only part of the project name as seen above.

For the edit question, its an intermittent occurrence some times its ok sometimes its not I cant attribute a pattern.

Hi Shane,

Are you referring to the top drop down of the dialog (the screenshot you sent)? Are you saying that it doesn’t auto-select the correct project?


Are you saying that the time within Harvest is being allocated to a different project than what is shown in the dropdown, when you hit ‘Start Timer’?

Hi Ross,

the drop down toggle does not always match the project the timer toggle was actioned on.

Yes Im saying that some times a time is attributed to an incorrect project. If I’m working on client 1 it can be attributed to client 4

Hey @Shane_Pollard,

That sounds like an issue with Harvest. I contacted them, and they suggested I have you reach out to them. You can do so Contact Help & Support | Harvest . They ask that you include screenshots of projects you’re having issues with.

I hope this gets solved!


Legend thanks for looking into that Ross, Ill do just that

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