Handwriting feature (Surface Go/Pro, tablet) or ipad pro.

Hi guys, using my MS Surface as a tablet, with handwritten notes (eg Onenote), alongside a separate laptop, I’ve started using Asana on the Surface to tick things off, and add things, as I would a written notebook. As there’s no Windows destop app per se, it’s the fully functioning web app that is on the Surface.

There is an issue that the app only works in horizontal view, as in portrait view, it’s like a gmail window and half the compose screen is cut off (not a huge deal, I can use it landscape).

My main question is whether anyone has tried to use the app as a written notebook, using the pen/stylus as the main method to navigate, and has found a way to handwrite notes etc to it in a satisfactory and effective way?

Hi @Archie, thanks for sharing this feedback!

We also have a thread in the Product Feedback category for iOS. I recommend you adding your vote or asking for more tips here as well: Handwritten notes via iOS/ipad app