Guest author for new ebook about Asana?


Hi all,

This community has been very inspiring in the past months and gave me the motivation to work on a new exciting project: write an ebook about using Asana for personal use, compiling tips and tricks I learned along the way.

The ebook is called “Become an Asana Superhero (cape not included)” and is available for pre-order on! I designed two bundles, one even includes a real hero cape!

I thought it would be awesome to invite guests to contribute! At the moment, the ebook is made of about 30 small chapters (300 words each) and is covering basic Asana features like Inbox, My Tasks, emailing tasks, templates, Zapier… Even if I already covered a subject that could be good to have another point of view.

Thanks for your support, I hope some of you will want to share their tips and tricks!


Hi @Bastien_Siebman! I’d be happy to contribute some content. I’ll PM you. :slight_smile:


Great, Unito is also writing chapters! :heart:


Great idea. I’d happy to contribute on translating this to Portuguese, what do you think?



That would be great Gustavo, I am also considering a French and Spanish version. I’ll contact you by PM.


@Amy_Mitchell and Trevor from Unito have submitted their chapters, they are great, can’t wait to share them with you. Anyone else interested about writing a chapter?


If you need a perspective about using Asana inside of a creative agency I can add some insight, it’s been interesting working to implement!


This book is focused on Asana personal use, but the next might be on Teams! Stay around :slight_smile:
Any tips or tricks you want to share about personal use? I can send over the ebook if you want to have a look.


Count me in. I would be happy to contribute too.


The ebook has been officially released!