New to Asana, I need a book!

Hi all,

I am new to this program and while I get the basics I could really use a book or cheat sheets to reference. Thanks!

Welcome, @anon59736784,

Here are some free eBooks (I was a contributor to several):

And lots of tips:

And for cheat sheets I just go here and type what I need in the search box, like “rules”:

For some more resources (disclaimer: this is me!) including a free workshop with Q&A, go here and then click the Resources tab or scroll down:

Hope those help,


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Thank Larry, I will check them out!

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One caveat when you’re looking at any of these excellent resources: aspects of the Asana user interface are undergoing pretty rapid enhancements and changes these days, so please keep in mind that instructions, particularly screenshots, may not match your Asana instance 100%.

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Great point, @Phil_Seeman. Also, screenshots of authors may no longer match current instances!

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:rofl: :rofl:

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