Group editing task descriptions?

Does anyone know if there is a way to group/mass edit task descriptions so there would not be a need to copy and paste multiple times?

This would save a few mins but in the long run be extremely useful to our project team.

Hey @Brandon_Punzalan, welcome to the Asana community :wave:

Hm not that I am aware. These are the bulk edits you can achieve atm: How to multi-select tasks | Product guide • Asana

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Hi @Brandon_Punzalan

A solution could be to export the project as a csv file, then you change the description in Excel, save it as a csv, and finaly create a project with this new csv file.
With Excel you’ll be able to quickly make many changes without copy/paste.

I hope this idea will help you.



Good workaround Julien, bulk edit does not exist indeed. A “simple” script could do the trick, if it worth investing on the coding time.

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