Group By not working on a date field?

I’m unsure if I’m doing something wrong, or if this isn’t working as intended. I have a board which has a tasks with a field of “Date”. When I group by date, I expect it to form sections with each section title being an individual date, containing all the cards from that date. However, it just groups all the tasks with the date field populated in one section (with no heading) and any tasks with the field not populated in another titled “[no value set]”.

How do I achieve what I want? What confuses me is that I remember making it work before, so unsure what I’m doing wrong.

Hi @Maaaz_Arshad_Shaheen , welcome to the forum :wave:

I don’t believe you are doing anything wrong, this seems to be the expected behaviour.
However, this is a recently launched feature so perhaps you may get what you want eventually… similarly to how you can Group by Due date in My tasks’ List view, where we get sections like ‘Past due’, ‘Due this week’, ‘Due next week’ etc.

I should note that the option to Group by a due date or any date field is NOT available in the Board view - not even as a drop down option, only single-select fields.

Perhaps @Marie or @Emily_Roman could provide some insight if we are to expect Group by a date field to be available soon in List & Board views?

@Maaaz_Arshad_Shaheen @Richard_Sather Yes! Our product team has plans to implement the ability to group by date fields in projects and My Tasks list. We don’t have a specific estimate time when this will be available, but it’s in our team’s radar.

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@Richard_Sather @Emily_Roman Thank you for the warm welcome! Glad to know it’s being worked on.

Is there any hack to achieve what I want in the meanwhile? I want to arrange tasks according to a date, with section headings being each date. The date doesn’t have to be present on a date field specifically.

Hi @Maaaz_Arshad_Shaheen , you could disable the Group by button and inatead create your own Sections and name them as you like.

Then you could create Rules to move your tasks automatically into those sections, based on the task’s due date approaching.