GRATITUDE POSTS FOR ALL: Just a place to say thank you...

I have posted some very direct feedback for the Asana team recently about some things I think need to change. I wasn’t unkind. But, these posts contained some “real talk” and they weren’t peaceful, happy things to read. But, as I did that, it occurred to me just how gracious, friendly, and patient the moderators are…always. It also occurred to me that all Asana employees have been this way.

Even though I continue to feel strongly about the things I have posted, I wanted to take a moment and just give us a place to say thanks whenever an Asana employee or a forum user does something that really stands out; something extremely helpful; something kind, understanding, or compassionate; or something that was above and beyond reasonable expectations.

I realize that as the person making this post, it’s going to look like I’m just trying to score some appreciation points with the Asana team, but …whatever. I ask for help often and I think it’s worth the risk of looking a ridiculous for the chance to just stop and say thanks.

So, I hope all forum users will feel comfortable making this a place where we can call out Asana employees and forum champions, or really any forum users who need to be thanked.

Also, I intentionally put this in product feedback so that people can vote, heart/like, or share … whatever suits them best as a way to say thanks.

So, I’ll start… since this whole forum is full of things we are asking for, constantly, I wanted to take a moment to share some gratitude.

Marie has been incredibly kind and very responsive. Every single time I have ever seen her post, she has done a great job responding in a patient and kind way to every post, no matter how heated the topic or how agitated the user was. I made a post recently that was very direct, very passionate, and a bit heated. I acknowledged @Marie’s efforts, but asked her to communicate to her team that we needed more help on that topic. And, @Marie, being the kind and supportive person that she is… she “liked” the post.
That’s an incredible skill and I’m glad she’s in that job. I don’t think I’d be able to do that so consistently. Many thanks – you’re incredible.

Bastien is not an Asana employee, but works really hard building tools that help so many people have a better experience in Asana (Templana and Minimalist-Work). He’s also built the world’s greatest "Ultimate Guide for Doing Things in Asana

He’s helped me quite a bit individually as well. So, a massive thanks to Bastien.

@Natalia -
I haven’t had as many chances to interact with Natalia, but when I have, she’s been very helpful and understanding…and just generally happy. So, thanks. You’re awesome.

Kimberlea doesn’t do most of her work on here, but I interact with her a bit in the Asana Together program and regarding my events. I’ve had some tough things to share and was …let’s say “energetic” in my messages. She was gracious and helpful and very responsive. Here’s what she said back to me: “I completely understand and both of your frustrations are completely justified.” And, then she went on to do what she could to help me find a solution and to communicate internally to get some help to solve the issue. Massive gratitude to you.

Larry (not an Asana employee) is a smart and really dedicated guy. Not gonna lie, it’s been really cool to see Larry build awesome tools (Asana2Go) and to then see Asana work to start to build some of that into Asana. So, Larry, kudos for being a visionary!!

Tim knows better than most people that I … well that I have a lot of questions (as part of my work as an Asana Certified Pro). Tim’s been extremely helpful and, even though I know he has a lot going on, he always replies and helps me get resolutions to the hiccups that happen in the program. A huge, huge thank you.

(for some reason, it’s not letting me @ mention Josh)
Right from the first time I met Josh at an Asana event, he made me feel like I belonged and that he was there to support my efforts as a Certified Pro. I haven’t had as much of a chance to interact with Josh, but he was very helpful and encouraging.


Wow, @Bryan_TeamKickstart! Thank you so much for the lovely post. We’re so appreciative of your feedback and help identifying issues – even things that haven’t hit our radars yet!

You’ve made my week and I can’t wait to talk Asana events in San Diego/Los Angeles :blush::sparkles:


I can only +1000 your gratitude towards every single one of them. Special mention to @Marie, she is amazing, it was so great to be able to go to Dublin and spent the day with her and the team there - and @lpb who is, I believe, a friend by now. We would have probably never talked to each other and see each other if it wasn’t for our common love for Asana.

I also feel very frustrated sometimes by updates or decisions, but I am also the founder of a product company, and every day we need to ask ourselves if we are making the product better and what that means for the user. It is a very hard job.


Great idea to post here, and so well put, @Bryan_TeamKickstart. I second everything you wrote.

I’ve appreciated every single interaction (in-person and otherwise) which each one of these fine folks, yourself included!

And @Bastien_Siebman, I’m very glad to call you a friend!



110% Agree @Bry_1MasterSystem

Everyone you have called out has been fantastic in all of the dealings I have…



This is a fantastic idea, @Bryan_TeamKickstart, and beautifully expressed!

I was just commenting to some of the Asana Together team recently that the thing I love most about the Asana forum is the overall positive, respectful, and appreciate tone. Even when people express their frustrations with things they don’t like about the product, they are almost never nasty or snarky about it, and even more significantly, people don’t attack and flame others here, as I find happens on some other forums. I think that is a tribute to @Marie and the other Asanas on the team, and also to the Asana community.


Fabulous idea @Bryan_TeamKickstart and everyone else - With you on all of the above! I’d like to add another ‘not Asana employee’ but who like @lpb and @Bastien_Siebman has built some great tools including Sendana - Outlook Addin to help us and given out some great advice and support @James_Carl :love_you_gesture:


Thank you all so much for your kind words, and special thanks to @Bryan_TeamKickstart for starting this thread. I’ve said it before, but I feel extremely grateful to work in our Community, supporting a product in which I 100% believe in and learning every day from the best team and leaders in the industry. By the way, you might have not met them yet, but I wanted to take this opportunity to give a shoutout to @Logan_LeVan who is behind all our ATWT events and to @Francesca who joined our team this summer :slight_smile: Last but not least, thank you to all our Forum Champions, Ambassadors and Certified Pros for contributing every day to this Forum and making it an awesome place to work in. :heart: