Google calendar event with multiple attendees

Use case: We need to have meetings scheduled using Google calendar that involve multiple team members and we want that meeting to show up in each team member’s task list in a particular project in Asana.

We’ve tried to use both Zapier and Automate to accomplish this but it seems that this Google Calendar → Asana integration via Zapier or Automate only works when the Google calendar meeting has 1 organizer and 1 guest. If there is more than 1 guest, the automation task fails, most probably because Asana doesn’t let you add multiple assignees to a task.

I would have figured that either Zapier or would be familiar with this Asana limitation and would have automatically created multiple tasks for the same meeting (one for each team member), but that doesn’t seem to happen.

Does anyone know of any workaround for this?

I know that I can manually create multiple tasks in Asana, or create subtasks assigned to each team member for the Meeting parent task, but I am looking to avoid that manual labour especially given the limitations in Asana’s subtasks (where they don’t get added to the same project as the parent task etc.)

Hi @Sumantra_Roy,

There is a new Google calendar integration just released - I haven’t tried it but you might want to check it out and see if it does (or could) meet your needs:

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Thanks Phil. I checked out zzbots and their basic plan costs $10 per month (whereas both Zapier and’s basic plans are free). Unfortunately, our organisation won’t pay anything more for project management (over and above what we are paying for Asana). So this won’t work for us even if zzbots managed to do this. But thanks for the suggestion!


Hi @Sumantra_Roy,

The same integration can now be set up with 2 bots, instead of 4. It does not require a paid plan to use 2 bots in zzBots. You may find this useful.

Hi, Orin!
Bots’ power is very small on free plan to be usefull…It is over in a day

This is good information for us. Thanks for your precious suggestion.

Hi Maria,
When syncing between Asana and Google Calendar, Bot Power will only be used on new or updated tasks/events.

The 100 Bot Power limit on the Free Plan will allow a user to sync 50-100 new or updated tasks/events per month.

More or less Bot Power will be needed depending on a user’s specific use case.

You can read more about how Bot Power works here.