Google Assistant for Asana

Kindly provide a native solution to add Tasks to Asana with Voice as it is one of the easiest and fastest way to ensure no tasks are forgotten.

For e.g. “Hey Google, add Send Project report tomorrow to my Asana task list”

We’ve seen similar requests in the past since 2017 (Sep 2017, Nov 2017, Oct 2019) but no native solution so far.

Neither suggesting users to use 3rd party platforms is a permanent solution, nor sending email to Asana. These are temporary workarounds that break now and then due to API, and users are forced to reach out to these providers for a fix.

To give you a hint of the status of these, Integration with IFTTT is botched, and with Zapier Webhooks it requires premium subscription. Also, with Assistant Actions (previously Actions on Google) retiring in Jun 2023, these workarounds may stop working all together. If a small company like ClickUp and Todoist can do it, Asana definitely has more resources and market share to make it happen.

Ideally, it would be best to integrate natively with Asana Android app as App Actions (exposing functionality of Android Apps through voice). Refer attached image
Hey Google send a  message


Hi @D111 Thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback. Hopefully, it’s something our Product team can implement in the future.
I’ll keep you posted and let you know if we have any updates :slight_smile:

Hope this feature is live soon. Its a simple but much needed feature.

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Agreed - this would be hugely useful!

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I second the need to be able to add tasks in my main TO DO list from google voice commands.

That way whenever you think of a task while walking and out and about it can be captured having to open asana.

start with allowing us to add into main to do list.

im constantly thinking thjs featuree is required and im clearly not the only one


It’s astonishing that a program like Asana would have no possibility for audio notifications or for voice activated control.


This is badly needed

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Please, this is killing progress :pray:


Yes-anding. So frequently I think of a task to add when I’m on my commute, and I’ve forgotten it by the time I get home. My workaround is to ask Google Assistant to remind me later, but then I still have to manually create the task, whereas I can just verbally tell it to (say) add an item to a specific list in other apps, and not have to return to do the housekeeping of it. I would be a frequent and delighted user.

And, if you need a dollars-and-cents motivation: it would better lock me in to Asana over other tools that don’t support it, for future projects and client recommendations.

Agreed with everyone above. You are able to do what everyone is asking for with Siri. Why not Google?!