Voice-to-Asana integrations

Will like to get more support for Voice-to-Asana integrations. For small business owners, or those who work from home offices, and also for the slightly older generation, talking is much more natural than typing into a browser.

Google Home

@B-Finatt I’m going to take the liberty of turning this into a #productfeedback thread :slight_smile:


Where do i find this discussion? I want to be able to use my Google Home to add task verbally. is this possible?


Yes would love the ability to use a tool like Voxer, Whatsapp or other voice tool and have it automatically add a task to Asana. That would be magic.


YES- please integrate Voxer and Asana for voice messages and easier workflow- thx

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Please add integrations with Alexa or Google Assistant. I would love the option to add tasks to Asana verbally, particularly since multi-tasking is a requirement in my workflow.

There are a lot of PM softwares (like Jira and ClickUp) that already have these integrations. My team is leaning towards moving to ClickUp if Asana does not add an Alexa integration soon, as with their integration, Alexa and Google Cal can remind you of task due dates/ overdue assignments.

Please keep us updated on whether or not Asana will add this integration in the future!


Any updates?

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