Any plans to integrate with Google Now?

It would be fantastic to have a way to voice inject a new task, other than email to Asana…


I have a colleague who set up the Asana email ( as “my assistant” in their contacts, so they would request to “Email my assistant XYZ” and it would then create a tasks in their My Tasks.

That being said, I love the idea of integrating with Google Now or Siri directly to create tasks from voice. I would use this all the time for miscellaneous reminders (that mostly stay in my head right now :#)

@lmsergio How do you think you would use this the most?


Ooh this Siri workaround is very cool! Thanks for prompting this conversation @Imsergio and for sharing this solution, @Kaitie. Feels like the future!


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Any updates on Voice integrations; kinda seems there is no responses?

Hi @David_Mohammed! Our mobile app is now compatible with Siri fors iOS users; you can learn more about this in this post on our Blog: New Siri Integration with 3rd Party App, Asana. Unfortunately, Asana doesn’t integrate yet with the Google Assistant, but I would encourage you to vote on this thread Google Assistant integration? - #10 by Patrick_EMIN from the #productfeedback category.