Goals: is there a way to say "if milestones are hit within due dates"?

Hey there!

I use Asana to track onboarding customers. One of my metrics is onboarding customers within 5 weeks of kick-off.

I’d really love to set this as a Goal so I can use Asana to track this.

Kick-off date would be the first date of the project (we use a template) and go-live date would be when the final milestone is completed.

If it’s not possible with goals does anyone know if there’s another way to track due dates vs actuals in Asana and I could use that data to calculate it?

Welcome, @Beth_Laverack,

In your project template:

  • Include a “Key Milestone” single-select custom field with a single value of :heavy_check_mark:
  • Set your Onboarded milestone task’s Key Milestone to :heavy_check_mark:
  • Make your Onboarded milestone relative due date five weeks after the start date
  • Add a rule if Key Milestone AND overdue, add to a project “Key Milestones Missed” (and first create that project)

Set a reminder to check that project periodically to see what was unmet.

Hope that helps, or a variation of it,


Hi Larry,

Thanks for the solution as I believe this will help solve my goal!

Unfortunately I’m having trouble with the rules. I have set the rule up as you described, created a test deal using the template and put the due to yesterday so it is past however the rule is not running.

I thought perhaps it was because the rules only run every evening but I’ve come back after the weekend and it still hasn’t triggered.

I’ll attach some photos as I think I must be doing something wrong!

Additional screenshot

Additional screenshot


Your “task is overdue: 1 day after” will only trigger the rule on 2/29, given that the due date is 2/28.

If you update the due date to today, it should fire tomorrow.

thanks so much! I’ve set it to today and will check back tomorrow.

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