Allow Start Date for Milestones

I know on “Progress” a start date can be entered, but we wish to have a task marked as a Milestone to have both a start and end date. This would be big for us and I’d assume others, and I’m not sure why this feature was removed from what a task can track?

Hi @dean.clough,

You’re correct when you say that is not possible to set a start date in Milestones. Only due date is an option in Milestones at this time.

Thanks for sharing this feature request with us!

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I think of a Milestone as achieving a goal by a certain date. How Asana has implemented a Milestone without a start date and how it’s represented on the Timeline lines up with that thinking.

If you had Milestone start dates, how would you use them?

Hi Vince - thanks for the feedback and your points are valid. But we are a consultancy, and our particular client (and management) wants an answer to the question “when is the work on this milestone starting”?

We’ve worked around it by establishing a Milestone for the project start, but it’s not ideal.

I was guessing that is what you were hoping for and was going to suggest the same workaround you are already using.

To add a little more to the workaround of a start and end Milestone, you can mark the end Milestone as dependent on the start Milestone.
I would also suggest using names for your Asana Milestones like the following: START Phase 1 and END Phase 1.

I know having a date range for Milestones would be super helpful for my team. The project of note is one where I am tracking our 3 year Product and Program calendar. I’d like to track important steps for each Product or Program to show overlap but I’d like to mark the big events (program dates, product launches, etc) as Milestones so they show as more important aspects of the larger timeline.


In our case the milestone is an event. We are often preparing for a conference that lasts a few days and think of that as a milestone.

Similar to Chris, we are using milestones as an event that occurs over a few days. I hope that this update can be made in the future!